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f you want to grow as a leader and as a person, read �Decent People, Decent Company� and put its principles to work. This is a book you will want to give to your associates and reread annually."

Spurgeon Richardson,
President and CEO
Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau

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We wrote Decent People, Decent Company because we want to help people grow.
We believe that developing the character necessary for leadership can be the most rewarding and profound thing you�ve ever done. It allows you to accomplish more, to genuinely like your job more, to commit more fully to whatever you�re doing�whether that�s running a Fortune 500 company, organizing a PTA fundraiser, or managing a major project at work�and to simply enjoy life more. It allows you to lead in a way that lends integrity and character to everything you do, and to create organizations where everyone takes responsibility for the financial and ethical success of the company.

American culture is largely shaped by business, and business leaders have a huge impact on the culture at large. Influencing leaders to exercise leadership from a foundation of character is our ultimate goal. From our research and experience, we created the Leadership Character Model as the foundation of our work. We have applied this model with executives and team members for almost 20 years.

The character necessary for leadership is depicted as a scale with respect and responsibility balanced on a base of integrity. When people build relationships based on respect, have a strong sense of personal responsibility, and live with unwavering integrity, they build their own character and foster organizational cultures that encourage decency and growth in everyone. Both the individual and the company come out winners� and so does society as a whole.

Leadership Character Model

The character needed for leadership can be thought of as a scale, where integrity is the base and respect and responsibility balance on either side.



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