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f you want to grow as a leader and as a person, read �Decent People, Decent Company� and put its principles to work. This is a book you will want to give to your associates and reread annually."

Spurgeon Richardson,
President and CEO
Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau

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We believe that developing the character necessary for leadership can be the most rewarding and profound thing you've ever done.  We wrote Decent People Decent Company because we want to help people grow.

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Lyn and Bob Turknett (Authors)
Lyn & Bob Turknett

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Decent People, Decent Company is a SHRM Bestseller

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CEO Central 60

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�This book offers all employees in every organization the opportunity to meet their responsibility to be effective leaders.�

From the Foreword by Kent C. (Oz) Nelson,
former Chairman & CEO, UPS


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